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About our Company

Joswig Ingenieure GmbH is a young independent engineering company in Karlsruhe, Germany. In the sectors of water, environment and geothermal energy, we combine the practical experience of our employees with scientific instruments, such as numerical modeling.

We offer consulting and engineering services, also in cooperation with other engineering companies or scientific institutes.

Our Services


In the sector of environment our main focus lies on consulting, planning and project management of contaminated sites and their remediation. The use of innovative remediation technologies (in situ biological, thermal and chemical processes, Funnel & Gate) are examined and the optimization of conventional processes, e.g. Pump & Treat combined if appropriate.

In addition, we advise authorities, private customers and industrial companies on emerging new pollutants such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in soil and groundwater.

Our services:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Optimization of remedial tools (e.g. Pump & Treat)
  • Approval management for groundwater exctraction and infiltration
  • Flow and transport models [see Groundwater modeling]
  • Investigations of contaminated sites
  • Strategy development for environmental protection
  • Planning and Preservation of Evidence of Natural Attenuation
  • Supervision
  • Feasibility Studies


In the water sector, our focus is on groundwater management and hydrological studies, as well as water rights procedures and permit management.

Our services:

Groundwater Management

  • Designation of drinking water protection areas
  • Groundwater Modeling [see Groundwater Modeling]
  • Water rights procedure for groundwater extraction and infiltration
  • Optimization of groundwater extractions
  • Planning and evaluation of pumping tests and geophysical investigations


  • Design of hydrogeological structural models
  • Consulting and Performance of groundwater exploration
  • Development of groundwater protection concepts
  • Planning and evaluation of pumping tests and geophysical investigations


  • Rainfall-runoff models
  • Water balance models
  • Groundwater recharge calculations

Geothermal Use

In the field of renewable energies, our focus is on geothermal energy. We design geothermal systems for near–surface geothermal energy and offer consulation services for such projects.

Our services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Quantification of geothermal measures
  • Geothermal models [see Groundwater Modeling]
  • Approval process for geothermal use
  • Design and Monitoring of geothermal response tests

Groundwater Flow & Mass Transport Modeling

The Use of Groundwater Flow Models or Mass Transport Models is helpful for many questions.

Here we can offer you the full range of modeling based on a sound and long-time professional experience.

  • Hydrogeological structural models
  • Groundwater flow models
  • Pollutant transport models, e.g. for relevant PFAS parameters
  • Reactive transport models
  • Heat transport models (geothermal energy)
  • Small-scale and regional models

For the implementations we use numerous simulation and presentation tools, i.a. Feflow, Modflow and GIS.


Project engineer in the groundwater and environmental sector

Chemnitz | unlimited | from now on

Intern or student assistant in the field of environment/groundwater

Chemnitz | from now on

Project engineer in the groundwater and environmental sector

Karlsruhe | unlimited | from now on

Intern or student assistant in the field of environment/groundwater

Karlsruhe | from now on

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